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4/13 1:08I'm from England https://butiaonline.com by mKEJXiEttN
4/13 1:08Can I use your phone? https://butiaonlin by mKEJXiEttN
4/13 1:08We'd like to invite you for an interview by mKEJXiEttN
4/13 1:08I'd like to change some money https://or by mKEJXiEttN
4/13 0:53Good crew it's cool :) https://butiaonli by rjsFjeVhaoETBldK
4/13 0:53I'm originally from Dublin but now live  by rjsFjeVhaoETBldK
4/13 0:53I'm sorry, he's http://www.designcure.c by rjsFjeVhaoETBldK
4/13 0:53good material thanks http://www.designcu by rjsFjeVhaoETBldK
4/13 0:53I'm doing a phd in chemistry https://krp by rjsFjeVhaoETBldK
4/13 0:23Could you ask him to call me? http://pha by qhKSGdJd
4/13 0:23Can I take your number? https://butiaonl by qhKSGdJd
4/13 0:23Could I ask who's calling? https://4dret by qhKSGdJd
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